Video Cams

The video cams are links to your child’s classroom. If you wish to have this link, please email Sue McGranaghan,, to recieve login information. Requests will only be taken via email. Our office will generate this and return the information to you. Then you can click on your student’s classroom and enter the login information that was given to you.

C01 Kindergarten (Miss Williams)

C03 1st Grade (Mrs. Elliott)

C02 2nd Grade (Mrs. Follis)

C04 3rd Grade (Mrs.Treen)

C05 3rd Grade (Miss Osborn)

C06 4th Grade (Mrs. Tyre)

C09 Middle School English (Ms. Paredes)

C10 Middle School Science (Mrs. Payne)

C11 High School Science Lab (Mrs. Garrett)

C20 High School History (Mr. Gnann)

C21 High School English (Mrs. Day)

C22 Computer Lab

C23 Yearbook/Office (Miss Tyre)

C24 High School Math (Mrs. Lewis)

C18 Cafe