Campus Life

"What I like about ACA, is that all the teachers are nice and care about you and your education. Everybody knows and cares for each other, and hopes the best for you. Being able to learn in a happy and safe environment makes it easier to concentrate and understand everything you learn. Knowing people care for you, makes you like going to school and your classes."

Hannah A.

The school has a friendly feel to it that is always welcoming to new students. It seems like the teachers are always here to help you. They always put God first in their teachings. They are always there for their students.

Justin C.

I have been attending ACA for 9 years. I have experienced a lot on this campus. My favorite part of this campus is the gym. Not only do I get to play my favorite sports in there, that's where we eat lunch!

Hailymar A.

I like how our school has a bench/seating area by the field close to the lake. It makes the spot comfortable so people can relax and there's a basketball hoop for the kids who want to play. The lake view is very beautiful during the day, and if you come to the school really early you get to see the sunrise. It's the most gorgeous thing you will see in the morning at school.

Nayarit R.

At this school, the teachers are understanding. If you miss an assignment due to family matters or anything else that couldn't be avoided, they will help you with getting it done.

Vada L.

What I like about this school is seeing new faces which are opportunities for them to make new friends. I also like the teachers here because they all seem very nice, supportive, and ready to help. I like that the iPad's were brought back because it leaves more room in our backpacks. I like my electives because they are interesting yet fun in my opinion. I wouldn't want to go to another school but ACA.

Carlos C.

What I like about the school is its great community and the teachers and staff. I also love the classes and help I get from others with work and projects. But my overall thing I like about ACA is the love of God being told to us and that we are taught Bible unlike public school.

James T.