Educational Support Services


Please visit our Education Support Service Padlet. It has digital resources from our local community.


After school tutoring is available for students who need additional assistance with current classroom material.


Intensive classes are offered at an elementary and middle school level for math and language. These classes target specific grade level gaps in content areas such as multiplication, division, fractions, percent,  parts of speech, sentence structure, and much more. A student would be appropriate for intensive instruction if he/she is not on grade level in certain content areas and would benefit from small group instruction and adaptive learning opportunities.


Remedial classes are offered, as needed, for middle and high school language and math. Remedial classes cover essential academic skills in an environment geared towards specific student needs.


An Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) with  instructional accommodations and curriculum modifications is created to help foster student growth in deficit areas while allowing for success in the academic environment.


TEACH is offered to kindergarten and first grade level students following the SEARCH testing results. The TEACH program uses the SEARCH results and considers a child’s strengths and weaknesses to prioritize pre-reading tasks from simple to complex and organize them into a practical plan.


Educational Therapy is an intensive one-on-one or group therapy designed to promote independent learning in the classroom and ultimately in life.
Our therapists identify cognitive and perceptual deficits that threaten a student’s ability to learn within the typical classroom. Students typically meet with an educational therapist twice a week for tailored therapy sessions designed to strengthen unique areas of perceptual and cognitive weakness. Therapists work closely with the classroom teachers to maintain an overall team approach to help each student achieve academic success and independence.