What is the Academy’s Contact information?

Mailing Address: 3800 State Road 19, Tavares, FL 32778 | GPS Address: 3501 N Eichelberger Rd, Tavares, FL 32778

Telephone: 352-742-4543 |  Fax: 352-343-3820

Can I visit my student at school?

We welcome parents to visit- however, we require visitors to stop at the front office to the sign visitor log first and get a visitor’s pass.


Can I stop at the school to speak to my child’s teacher?

All conferences should be scheduled ahead with the child’s teacher(s). Please remember that teachers have a full schedule and that scheduling an appointment allows the teacher to give you their full attention.


What is the policy on picking up, dropping off, and parking?
  • Students who arrive between 7:00 and 8:00am must go to Before and After Carelocated in the gym. No arrivals before 7:00am.
  • Students arriving at 8:00am and later can be dropped off at the entrance to the school under the ACA covered sidewalk.
  • Students will be able to go to their classrooms at 8:15am. If a students arrives after 8:30am, they must go to the ACA Front Office.
  • Parents must sign students out in the Front Office if they are leaving school early.
  • A written note must be sent home with a child if they are going home with an alternative transportation.
  • There is no parking on the grass or leaving car unattended in the designated drop off zones.
General Information on Student Property

Cell phones and any other electronic devices of personal nature if brought to school will not be used during school hours and is not the responsibility of the school if they are lost.

Any other items that a teacher or staff member deems potentially harmful will be confiscated and given to parents through the Front Office. In some cases, Law officials may be notified.


My child wants to participate in a sport, are there any requirements?

A student (enrolled at ACA or registered home school student) is eligible to participate in interscholastic athletic events is they have received no less than a ‘C’ in any of their courses on their report card.